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153 Naramoto, Higashiizu Town, Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture


* Google Map is recommended when you come by navigation.

With other navigation, you may specify a different location.

If you come by car

Those coming from the Ito area
After passing two tunnels, turn right at the intersection after passing FamilyMart on your right.

Those coming from the Shimoda area
Atagawa View Hotel on your right After passing Atagawa Daiichi Hotel, turn left at the intersection beyond the overpass on the road.

Turn right at the first T-junction and follow the road for a while (go straight at the intersection).

There is a green signboard of Strawberry Farm Ota Farm.

If you come by train


Get off at Izukyu Izu-Atagawa Station

We hope that those who come to Izu by train can also use it.

We have a shuttle car to Izu-Atagawa Station.

If you need a transfer, please contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.

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