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Elevated cultivation

Strawberry farm Ota farm adopts Elevated cultivation and has a space in the aisle, so

From small children to elderly people, you can enjoy strawberry picking with a comfortable posture.

You can enter with a stroller or wheelchair.

🍓 Advantages of strawberry Elevated cultivation

・You can pick strawberries while standing.
・Since strawberries do not touch the soil, it is hygienic.

* Enjoy strawberry picking in a warm house.



25 parking lots can be stored
Don't worry if you come by car.
Up to 25 cars can be parked in the parking lot.


Break house

We have prepared a rest area in the reception house.
After a fun strawberry picking, take a leisurely break.

You can see bananas and other tropical fruits in the house.
We hope that customers who bring their own cameras will have a memorable strawberry hunt, such as looking at the pictures taken and taking pictures with bananas at the resting place.
Please enjoy strawberry picking as much as you want.




A variety made by crossing "Kuno Wase" and "Nyohou".

Its name is based on the letter of the late Akihiro Hagiwara who succeeded in breeding.

It was named "Akihime". A variety that represents Shizuoka Prefecture.
The color is pale red with a pink tinge, which is actually long and slender and has almost no sourness.

The flesh is soft and overwhelmingly popular.
The sourness is half that of Nyohou, and the large, bright and beautiful red fruit is very sweet and delicious. It has a high sugar content and is not sour, so it is a favorite for everyone from children to the elderly.



Beni-Hoppe is a Shizuoka-born variety that is a hybrid of "Akihime" and "Sachinoka."
It was named "Red cheeks" because it was so delicious that the cheeks fell.
The taste is rich in fruit juice that combines the sweetness of "Akihime" and the richness of "Sachinoka", and the moderate acidity will satisfy the original taste of strawberries.

Strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C.

It is said that the daily vitamin dose for an adult is about 50 mg, so about 5 strawberries will meet the daily requirement.

It is said that Vitamin C helps to recover from fatigue and resistance to virus infection, and helps prevent colds.
It is also surprisingly rich in dietary fiber pectin.

Pectin lowers blood cholesterol levels and is said to be good for preventing heart disease, arteriosclerosis, stroke, etc.

In addition, it has a beautiful skin effect such as suppressing the generation of carcinogens and dissolving the melanin pigment to whiten the skin, so it can be said to be a fruit that is particularly pleasing to women for beauty and health.


Only small dogs can enter the cage in a cage or carry bag.

Dogs cannot eat strawberries. Only admission.

You cannot enter with a hug, cart, or lead.


Breeds other than small dogs are not allowed to enter.


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